photo by hannahkeliza

Hello to you, internet-using human or machine. My name is Mickey Sanchez - that's me up there^^^, looking off to the right with a pensive and thought provoking gaze. I am a queer tisoy artist making software, music, and writing. I'm currently writing/programming/composing-for a video game called Robot Island, which is about a robotic flight attendant on a space ship who is programmed to please people. In the past 10 years I've worked as a full-time software engineer at 3 different tech companies, been a freelance video editor and videographer, and was a touring keyboard player for 3 years. Before that, I got my M.A. in Performance Studies from NYU, where I mainly studied the history of performance art and did a few o.k. performances of my own. I currently live in Portland, OR with my partner Hannah Krafcik.

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If you're looking for my video games go here: